Musculoskeletal Trauma Management

Optimal outcomes are achieved by receiving accurate diagnosis and specialised management of musculoskeletal trauma and load-related injury, as quickly as possible so you can return to your previous level of activity or sport.

This is what our specialist training allows us to do for you.

We work in close collaboration with other professionals including surgeons, GPs, physiotherapists and other allied health practitioners to ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome.

Concussion Management

Concussion is the most common type of mild traumatic brain injury and can have serious consequences unless addressed in a timely manner. Our doctors have unique training in assessment and management of concussion with relevance to the particular sport you play and National Sporting Organisation Guidelines.

Our assessment involves:

  • Making an early and accurate diagnosis of concussion
  • Formalised SCAT assessment including symptom scoring, balance assessment and cognitive function tests
  • Cervical spine and neurological examination
  • Provision of a full treatment plan focussed on resolution of symptoms and return to school/work and sporting activity.

Call us as soon as possible after the concussion has occurred for an appointment.

Acute Injury Clinic

If you have been injured playing sport on the weekend, our clinic has acute appointments available every Monday afternoon to:

  • Make an early accurate diagnosis
  • Facilitate access to necessary imaging
  • Advise you on a comprehensive treatment plan through to a return to sport and normal activities

Acute appointments are also available during the week.

No referral is required to see our SEM registrars.

If you have a GP referral you can book with Dr Shaw.

Female Athlete optimisation

Whether you’re a female athlete wanting to perform at your best or are committed to exercise for health, we recognise that females are unique and over a lifetime have changing physiology with unique hormonal and physical issues. We can advise you on:

  • Safe and optimal exercise throughout your pregnancy and in the post-partum phase
  • Prevention and management of bone loss/osteoporosis associated with menopause
  • Diagnosis and management of conditions such as Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S), bone stress fractures and irregular menstrual cycles and fatigue, that impact your activity and health.

If any of these issues are relevant to you, ask your GP for a referral, so that we can help you get back on track.

Osteoarthritis Management

Our evidence-based non-surgical management of osteoarthritis focuses on:

  • Minimising symptoms of osteoarthritis including pain reduction
  • Regular physical activity to reduce medication dependence, maintain functional independence, and improve your quality of life
  • Advice on lifestyle modifications to promote weight loss and overall health
  • Keeping you active while restoring overall physical function, so that you can continue to achieve your sport and exercise goals.

The Facts:

  • Appropriate exercise can result in a 20% reduction in pain
  • Reducing body weight by 5% can lead to a 30% improvement in pain and function
  • Reducing body weight by 10% can reduce symptoms by 50% or more
Exercise Prescription

Studies show that exercise improves health outcomes in chronic diseases such as depression, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, obesity and even some cancers.

In collaboration with your GP or other specialists, we can develop an individual program that:

  • Provides evidence-based exercises that you can perform safely
  • Manages your pain or physical limitations
  • Mitigates any risks associated with your condition
  • Provides support to help you achieve your activity goals